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After two decades of gaining know-how in the ultra luxury and design industry and a deep behind-the-scenes knowledge,  Christoph brings his expertise to clients who are aiming to achieve excellence on a daily basis. His experiences in many different roles - from a simple supplier to billionaire owner representative allows him to scout talent, develop strategies and set up new systems to ensure the highest possible quality and owner satisfaction.

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"Some years ago I recognized that experience and deep know-how is so invaluable. The years I spent in all the workshops, manufactories and shipyards now pay off in terms of great value that I am able to share with B2B clients today."


What`s missing?

"Sometimes it`s a tiny puzzle piece that`s missing for the success of a enterprise. During my first projects with very high-demanding

clients I recognized that it`s all about human interactions at the end of the day. You learn how wealthy people want to be treated,

how they see the world and what they expect from professionals. I`ve seen it very often that only a slight change in communication and

correspondence led to a vast change. The same counts for manufactoring processes. While we sometimes try too hard, the solution is in

front of our eyes and just not considered as the solution. I love to think and act in a cross-over way and open new doors through a

uncommon approach on all levels."



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