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WEDENSTEIN is not only taking part in several award-winning enterprises in the first row, but also supporting brands and manufactories all around the world to keep their standards high and question the status quo to fight the thread of falling behind in this fast pace era. With emerging new market gaps and the common realisation of prototypes he is often able to create a whole new view on things that has been done the same way for decades before, opening a new space of  creativity without harming the consciosness of tradition.


"Working with heritage brands and being allowed to push the limits is one of the best feelings I`ve ever experienced. It creates some kind of magic in the team".

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Stuck in the market leader trap

"It is a very natural and human process that heritage companies tend to settle a bit in terms of creativity and hunger

after many years of great success..

How should it be different? The people that have built and shaped the brand have worked their tales off for decades to

bring huge enterprises to life. They earned a standing and rewards.

The challenge is that the marketplace hits very hard nowadays and has no understanding for resting in a state of

satisfaction. If you want to stay at the top, you have to stay hungry. You have to stay playful, which is a very hard task

when you are in a comfortable surrounding.

That`s when I join the game. To rethink and challenge design teams to embrace a new impulse."



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