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WEDENSTEIN is using a unparalled combination of arts and engineering to create exquisite pieces of furniture and decorative interior elements for the finest homes on land and water. Among over two hundred successful realised projects you can find penthouses in London, Dubai, Moscow and Vienna along with the world`s most prestigous superyachts like MY Nord, MY Artefact or MY Al Lusail.


"I always laid my focus on techniques that can`t be replicated in a simple or cheaper way to ensure that it`s impossible to imitate me".

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What does your home mean to you?

"Is it a place to sleep? A place to be? A place to live? A place to bloom?

I think that our environment shapes our reality as much as our reality shapes our environment.

Living in a space that nurtures our souls and fulfills our aesthetic needs lifts our quality of life, our happiness and our health.

I am blessed enough to be able to receive dozens of insights every single year in how the ultra wealthy live.

My journey through the superyacht and high-end residence industry combined with my artists character shaped my reality.

My view on what should be defined as "high-end" or  "luxury interior" - which are absolute relatively terms. "



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